Is Pre-Paid Legal an Effective Solution For Legal Services?

Why Would Anyone Need Pre-Paid Legal?

Harland C. Stonecipher discovered a need for a different kind of insurance that would be able to handle the legalities of life. Harland was involved in a serious car accident and ran into monetary problems when the expenses from the accident began to accumulate. It was then that Harland decided that there needed to be some kind of legal insurance for those who cannot afford legal consultation and representation. Many people in the world today have been in the same position as Harland C. Stonecipher before he founded this company. This is why Pre-Paid Legal has been serving North America since 1972.

With such a useful service that has been around for 37 years, why doesn’t everyone use Pre-Paid Legal? After discussing this with a member of Pre-Paid Legal, I was told that there were a few reasons. First off, many people in society today are intimidated by lawyers. Because there is so much “jargon” in the legal industry, no one feels that they can really be sure that they understand how the legal system works. Because of this, many lawyers get the stigma that they can often change the “rules” in a legal situation whether it be right or wrong. Which is why there are many distasteful stereotypes about lawyers being dishonest and unethical. Another reason why many people are skeptical to the notion of having legal expertise available to them is because they think that it would be too expensive. Pre-Paid Legal is designed to be affordable to everyone from all walks of life. Not only is the member of Pre-Paid Legal covered, but their family is covered as well.

What Are The Benefits of having Pre Paid Legal in One’s Corner?

There are many times in life when certain issues arise in one’s lifetimes where one could use some kind of legal expertise. Pre-Paid Legal benefits include five primary legal areas of coverage: Preventive Legal Services, Motor Vehicle Legal Services, Trial Defensive Services, Rederal Tax Audit Legal Services, and any other exceptional legal service that one may need. There is also a Will Preparation Service that offers a annual updates of one’s will and testament.

Is Pre Paid Legal Really Credible?

Pre Paid Legal has a connection with over 50 independent law firms in the United States and Canada that are ready to lend their legal prowess to anyone who owns a membership. Pre Paid Legal stock is traded on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) as PPD. It is also a member of the S&P 1500 Super Comp index and the S & P Small Cap index. This is a truly revolutionary and unique service, because no one really knows when they will need a lawyer. I believe that is the product that can give one’s family a legal piece of mind.

Prepaid Legal Review: Can You Trust This Legal Services Company?

Do you know that you can have unlimited access to over 50 independent local law firms for just about any legal matter?

With Prepaid Legal Services, your family or small business can reach a local law firm to consult about the legal side of your business. You can talk to lawyers about reviewing legal documents, auto and home mortgages, insurance policy claims and many more. If you are subscribed to Prepaid Legal Services, you can get legal assistance by phone for an affordable monthly subscription.

Pre-paid Legal Services Then and Now

Pre-paid Legal Services was founded on August 8, 1972 by Harland C. Stonecipher with headquarters in Ada, Oklahoma. After over three decades, the company now has over 1.5 million active subscribers in the United States and in Canada; providing them with specialized legal services. The company is publicly traded in the New York Stock Exchange so in my mind, there is no doubt they are serious and there is no Prepaid Legal scam.

The company uses multilevel marketing to promote their products and services which can be purchased individually or can also be used by owners of small businesses through payroll deduction.

Prepaid Legal Scam Or Just Sour Distributors?

As with any other businesses, Prepaid Legal Services also had its share of bad publicity. If you look up the company online, you will come across many statements and reviews claiming that there is a Prepaid Legal scam and that many people were allegedly cheated of their hard-earned money. The fact is that the multilevel marketing company gives advance commissions to their distributors in the assumption that the customers will keep their membership for at least a year. However, some customers decide to stop the service after only a few months. Naturally, the commissions will have to be returned to the company. I believe this is where the confusion come from.

The distributors who had to return some commissions to the company are the one claiming that they have been scammed by Prepaid Legal when they are just the one responsible for not building the business properly…

Is Pre-paid Legal Services Currently a Good MLM Business?

Doing research for this Prepaid Legal review, I found some staggering numbers (don’t quote me on those though). As of 2009, the company’s overall profit decreased by 85% and the number of existing distributors decreased by 17.8%. If you look at trends in the multilevel marketing industry, their numbers usually go up in times of financial crisis as more people look for other income streams. Taking this into consideration, you may find Pre-paid Legal declining figures discouraging. With that said, it is important to note that the service they are providing is different from other multilevel marketing companies.

If you think about it, it’s just like any other industry with periods of highs and lows but it doesn’t mean there is a Prepaid Legal scam. And there is no doubt that Pre-paid Legal Services is a legitimate multilevel marketing company that provides invaluable service to those who need it. This is especially true since hiring an attorney for a tax audit or remedying an insurance claim is very expensive.

You need to understand that your success depends on how hard you work on establishing your network and growing your business. Unless you invest time and effort, you won’t be seeing any returns in your investment. You need to widen your reach and leverage all the opportunities available to you.

Going Beyond a Prepaid Legal Review: How Do You Succeed With Prepaid Legal?

If you are seriously considering joining Prepaid Legal and build a successful business, then you must sponsor and train as many distributors as you can so you team can generate more commissions and duplicate fast. Understanding sales and marketing are the basics requirements.

Do you have plan for that? Where can you find all these new distributors? Can you only rely on your warm market? If you are not sure about all these questions and you clearly understand that you are going to run out of friends and family members pretty fast, then you must learn the game.

The answer is pretty simple. Your goal is to find hundreds and hundreds of people and point them to your system, to your business presentation. This is simple but not easy! Most likely, the best way to that is to use an attraction marketing system that will teach you how and allow you to funnel all the traffic to capture pages and training. If the system and marketing funnel are set up properly, it is possible to generate dozens of leads, day after day, 24/7/365 and generate upfront cash-flow for your business while building your team!

Legal Translation, A Special Language Made on Purpose

Legal translations are understood as the translation of legal (technical) materials from one language to another. Due to a variety of unique complexities, the legal language is a difficult to understand for laypersons. Legal language contains extensive specific terminology, whether it concerns English legal translation, Spanish legal translation, French legal translation, German legal translation, Japanese legal translation, or any other language combination.

Legal translators must have extensive knowledge of terminology in the English legal language and the corresponding foreign language. Legal translation services involve diligent and accurate legal documents translation. To achieve the best possible translation quality, you need to choose legal translators who are fully trained and experienced in this specialized subject matter.

During the Middle Ages, legal documents were historically made as a solid block of script whose long lines stretched from margin to margin. There were no indentations or spacing to indicate the limits of paragraphs or the relation between them. It was common for draftsmen to compose an entire document in the form of one single sentence. Another characteristic of English legal texts is the absence of punctuation. These factors make legal texts much more difficult to read. Punctuation also helps with the logical comprehension of the content, and anyone who has ever read legal texts will attest that they are quite difficult to comprehend.

Legal texts were historically meant to be read in silence, not to be spoken out loud. The relative absence of punctuation was intentional since legal texts were supposed to be scrutinized in silence. Medieval scholars considered the use of punctuation to be superfluous as the meaning of the sentence was supposed to become evident from its grammatical structure.

The English legal lexicon contains many Latinisms (Latin terms) because historically the Roman Catholic Church exerted a lot of power in Europe and Latin was considered the language of learning and literature. In addition to Latinisms, the existence of French terms within the English legal language is also apparent because after the Norman Conquest in 1066, the language of the invaders gained an undeniable position in the legal sphere of England, introducing a wealth of French legal terminology.

The English legal lexicon contains a great number of archaic legal terms but this touch of archaism is intentional. This tendency towards the use of archaic words adds a flavor of formality to the document. Some lawyers prefer to use old-fashioned terms instead of modern ones; for example, they use “imbibe” as an alternative of “drink”, “inquire” rather than “ask”, “peruse” instead of “read”, “forthwith” as a substitution of “right away” or “at once” and so on.

The conservative use of archaic legal terminology has created a lexicon that is widely understood among experts. Many archaic words have acquired an authoritative interpretation over the years and altering them would be risky. Accordingly, this ongoing use of old-fashioned diction is a matter of convenience and tradition.

Despite the fact that the archaic touch within the legal language might be useful for the experts, its functionality within the wider community is debatable. Certain outdated terms and constructions are truly a hindrance to better understanding, and they make the legal language inaccessible for a regular reader. The unique complexity of legal translations makes it even more important to select a competent legal translation service for the translation of legal documents.